Plas@Port-Said is an annual spring school on plasma physics produced by the Center of Theoretical Physics @ British University in Egypt.  It is being held at the intersection of the Mediterranean and red sea at Port-Said in spring March or April. The first version had taken place in April 2015.  It targets the students and researcher who interested in Plasma Physics and related fields from 2nd year in B.Sc. until Ph.D. students.

3rd Plas@Port-Said 2018 lectures (Slides + Videos) will be available soon here.
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محاضرات فيزياء البلازما من فيديوهات و عروض سوف تكون متاحة قريبا هنا
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It aims to introduce a solid course in basics of plasma physics, related technology and application which spread from basics, industry, future energy production, astrophysics and the early stage of the universe.  The participants have the chance to explore the most common state of matter in the universe.  It aims to introduce hot topics in plasma for undergraduate students, fresh graduates and Ph.D. students who interested to shift or cooperate in this field. The course is provided by plasma experts across Egyptian institutes Port Said, Damietta, Al-Azhar and El Mansoura Universities.

3rd Plas@Port-Said2018

2nd Plas@Port-Said2017

1st Plas@Port-Said2016

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