3rd Plas@Port-Said2018

11- 14 March 2018

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This 3rd school is a kind of continuation of the 2nd Plas@Port-Said2017. It covers an introduction to plasma physics and hot topics in plasma and its application such as plasma instabilities, laser plasma interaction, fusion plasma, numerical plasma, some research methods in physics and overview of trends in the plasma field.  All slides are available now but the lectures videos will be uploaded consecutively, so please tune.  Take the chance and attend the 4th Plas@Port-Said2018, if you are interested, kindly register your data here to receive a notification one the application is open.

The first day

1- Opening  Talk by Prof. Waleed Moslem  (Slides)


2- Introduction to Plasma Physics by M. Ezzat (Slides)


3-  Electrostatic Waves in Plasma by Dr. Abeer Awad (Slides)

Postgraduates session

a) Surface nano-structure formation by plasma expansion by Sara Morsi.

b) Solar wind interaction with Titan atmosphere by Samar Mohamed


The second day

4-  Laser Plasma Interaction by Dr. Muhammed Shihab (Slides)

5- Research Methods in Physics by Dr. Amr El-Zant (Slides)

6- Introduction to MATHEMATICA (I) by Prof. Mostafa Selim (Slides)
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7- Plasma Instabilities by Prof. Waleed Moslem (Slides)

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8- Egyptian Solar Radiation ATLAS by Prof. Mosaad El-Metwally (Slides)

  The video coming soon

9- Fusion Concepts and Challenges by Mohamed Ezzat (Slides)

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10- Orders of Magnitude in Physics by Prof. Amr El-Zant (Slides)

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11- Plasma Simulation by Dr. Muhammed Shihab (Slides)

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12- Trends in Plasma Research by Prof. Waleed Moslem (Slides)

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