The content of this pages belongs to 3rd Plas@Port-Said@2018, and the 4th Plas@Port-Said@2019 will be announced later. 


The application is closed for 3rd summer school,  but you can attend as a self-fund student. Tune for the 4th school application in December 2018.

Important dates:

  • Application deadline: 20 February 2018 for selected student
    to receive the grant.  
  • The school starts on 11 March until 14 March 2018. 

Application procedures:

  • Prepare a motivation paragraph with 40 words in maximum, take in consideration this is the most important section in the application, so write it carefully.  Try to show: (1) Why you are interested in the plasma physics? (2) How the school attendance will influence your future plan?
  • Fill this online form and follow the instructions.  (Closed) 

Fees and grants:
Due to limit fund resources, we offer few grants for the selected students. 

1- Selected students:

  • 3 nights accommodation with meals (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for free.
  • Only pay the registration fees: 300 EGP.
  • You should fill the online application before the 20 February 2018.
  • You will be notified with acceptance by email on 23 February 2018.

2- Self-funded students:

  • Any student is welcome to attend the school on self-funded base.
  • Pay 900 EGP (accommodation 600 EGP + registration fees 300 EGP).
  • Look the accommodation section if you can find cheaper.
  • Contact the organizer on  before 28 February 2018.

The online application closed. 
For any inquiries or questions contact us (Click here)