Before submitting your question, please check the below frequently asked questions and if you don’t find your question addressed, we will happy to answer your inquiry via this form.

1- I am Studying in Faculty of Engineering, am I still eligible to apply?
If you are in a department related to electronics fabrications, waves propagations, and communications, plasma school might be useful for you otherwise we felt sorry for not considering your application.

2-  I am still in 1st or 2nd-year student in Faculty of science am I still eligible?
Plasma requires a background in electricity, magnetism, calculus, and intro to differential equations and statistical physics. These aren’t being taught in all universities on the 1st and 2nd level. So the school content might be hard to follow but we welcome your application if you show high motivation.

3- I had attended the Plas@Port-Said summer school before, am I eligible?
Unfortunately,  you can’t receive two scholarships for attendance to give other students the opportunity. But, if you are highly motivated you can apply and in case of acceptance, you can come as a self-pay student.

4- I had submitted my application but didn’t receive the confirmation email?
Please report this problem to the question form in the registration page tail.

5- My university doesn’t offer an online transcript, what should I do?
You can issue it from the student’s affairs office in your faculty, scan it and send it.

6- What should I write in the motivation letter?
You can try to answer this questions briefly :
What are your scientific backgrounds related to the pre-request for the school and the school content?
Why you are interested in this school content on both scientific and network creation manners?
What is the direct and indirect influence on your future career?

7- Who should write for me the recommendation letter?
You can ask any teacher in your faculty to who had taught you or supervised you to recommend you. Demonstrator, Lecturer Assistant Professor or full professor can recommend you. It should contain the affiliation, phone number and the email of the reference.

8- What is the evaluation criteria?
Motivation letter:  50%
Recommendation letter: 20%
Background meets the pre-requests for the school:  15%
You grade – GPA:  15%

9- Will all applicants receive emails for acceptance and rejections?
Yes, all applicants will receive notifications email whether they accepted or rejected.

10- How can I confirm my attendance in case of acceptance?
You will receive an email asking you to transfer 100 EGP via Vodafone cash or Egyptian Post within 10 days after receiving the acceptance email. You receive this 100 EGP in cash on the first day of the school and if you don’t attend without prior notification you won’t be refunded.

11- When can I cancel my attendance and refund the confirmation money amount? 
If you cancel your confirmation two weeks before the starting day you can be fully refunded – the transfer fees.

12- Can I pay and attend the school without passing the evaluation criteria?  
Unfortunately no, we are selecting 50 students who will score the highest based on the evaluation criteria, the first 30 will receive a full scholarship and the others will be on the waiting list for self-pay attendance and in case of one of the first 30 can’t attend.

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