Port-Said Group


Waleed Moslem Moslemprof waleed
Professor of Theoretical Plasma Physics
Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research
Visiting Professor@BUE, Egypt. 
Main research interest: Plasma waves
Interested topics:
Nonlinear Dynamics, Waves and Instabilities in Classical and Quantum Plasmas, Plasmonics, Drift Waves, Wake Potential, Soliton Collision, Plasma Expansion, as well as Nanostructures in Surface Materials.
Publication: Google Scholar
Contact: wmoslem@hotmail.com


Samir A. El-Tantawy, PhDsamir
Lecturer@Physics Dept.
Main research interest: Plasma Physics and Applied Mathematics
Interested topics: Mathematical Modelling, Applied Mathematics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Wave Propagation, Plasma, Theoretical Physics, Acoustics
Publication: ResearchGate and Google Scholar
Contact:  samireltantawy@yahoo.com


Eman Ibrahim El-Awady, PhDsoon
Lecturer@Physics Dept.
Main research interest: Plasma Physics
Interested topics: Theoretical Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Waves Propagation, Dusty Plasma, Applied Mathematics.
Publication: Google Scholar and ResearchGate
Contact: eielAwady@hotmail.com


Reda Tolba, PhDsoon
Lecturer@Center of Theoretical Physics
British University in Egypt.
Main research interest: Theoretical plasma physics.
Interested topics: Plasma instability. Wave plasma. In waveguide. Dust plasm.
Publication: ResearchGate
Contact:  reda.tolba@bue.edu.eg


Samy Mohamed Fouad Salem, MSc samy.jpg
Assist. lecturer@Depart. of Basics and Applied Science
Arab Academy of Sci. and Tech. AAST (Port-Said)
Main research interest: Theoretical Plasma Physics
Interested topics: Plasma simulation, Plasma expansion, Space plasma.
Publication:  GoogleScholar & ResearchGate
Contact:  samy_egy007@yahoo.com


Ibrahiem Ahmed Eid Elsheikhsoon
Lecturer@Physics Dept.
Main research interest: Nonlinear Dynamics.
Interested topics: Nonlinear Dynamics.
Publication: available soon
Contact:  ibrahiem.elsheikh@outlook.com