Summer Schools

  1. PlasmaSURF Summer School 26178244_573174139688828_69894911_o
    @ Institute of Plasma and Nuclear Fusion.
    Topics: Introduction to plasma physics and applications like fusion and plasma laser interaction.

    Place: Lisbon, Portugal  –
    Time: 8-14 July 2018

    Deadline: 14  May
    To apply for 2018 version: (Click here)

    Accommodation and registration are free.


  2. Plas@Par Summer schoolP1030759
    @ Plasma at Paris Institute.
    Topics: Introduction to plasma physics especially low-temperature plasma, astrophysics, plasma tech and some hints to fusion.
    Place: Paris, France –
    Time: 26 Aug – 1 Sept.

    Deadline: 31 May 2018.
    To apply for  2018 version: (Click here)

    Accommodation and registration are free. 
  3. The summer university of Plasma Physics and fusion research.ipp_su17_gphoto
    @ Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics.
    Topics: Fusion energy with a mini introduction to plasma physics.
    Place: Greifswald or Garching, Germany.
    Time: 17 – 21 September  2018.
    Deadline: 31 May
    To apply for 2018 version: (Click here)

    Accommodation  is free but the registration is just 50 Euro 
  4.  Joint ICTP-IAEA College of Plasma Physics
    @International Center for Theoretical Physics
    Topics: advanced plasma physics and its applications in fusion, astrophysics and laser interaction.
    Place: Trieste, Italy
    Time: October and November.
    Deadline: 15 July 2018
    To apply for 2018 version (Click here)
    Registration and accommodation are free and they offer some fund for travel expenses for the participants from developing countries like Egypt. 



If you have any inquiry about the school or need tips for application please use the contact form: